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Intuitive Customer Journey Orchestration

Design No-Code Contact Center Services with storm® FLOW

Meeting the needs of the customer requires agility.

Agility requires a simple, intuitive interface.

storm® FLOW’s drag-and-drop interface allows you to design complex omnichannel contact center services and interactive voice responses (IVRs) quickly, without getting tangled in code.

Adapt customer journeys in real-time. Unite all your systems of record. Archive revisions to roll forward and back with a single click. Designing excellent customer service has never been so simple.

How storm® FLOWhelps contact center services.

Sodexo uses storm FLOW’s service builder to adapt in real-time to contact handling rules. With the ability to edit services with the click of a button, no code required, regulatory compliance is easier than ever.

Fleurop Interflora links florists to customers. In the past, both florists and customers called the same line if there was a problem. This led to long queues and upset suppliers. storm FLOW allowed florists to be routed into a priority queue, cutting wait times. By linking to an existing database, storm FLOW recognizes florists when the call, no need to queue.

Drag-and-Drop in Real-Time

Intuitive interface

Let your agents work flexibly. A cloud-based, omni-channel contact center solution can be accessed anywhere, on any device. The Desktop Task Assistant (DTA®) brings all channels into a single interface, creating the smoothest experience for your agents and the best omni-channel customer experience.

Adapt live services in real-time

Agile businesses must adapt quickly. Roll out updates to your contact center services in real-time, and add new services instantly. No need for downtime.

Integrated reporting and feedback

Intelligent businesses run on information. Seamlessly integrate with storm® VIEW™ to produce powerful reports. Access historic and real-time information on any aspect of your service.

Access any existing system of record

For the best customer experience, agents need accessible data. Tap into your existing system of record with data collection and custom lookups. Let agents link to any third-party database, giving them the tools to make every interaction count.

Intuitive revision control – maintain a reliable service archive

Reliable contact center services should adapt to meet your needs. Take control of this adaptation with a reliable archive. As your contact center service evolves, instantly roll forward and back with flexible revision control.

Don't just take our word for it...

Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Humberside Police.

“We’ve now eliminated unnecessary and time-consuming processes and streamlined our workflow, which greatly minimizes the possibility of user error.”

Facility Service Desk at Sodexo.

“storm met our technical needs without exceeding our financial requirements. Since then, the solution’s flexibility has enabled us to make continuous service improvements ourselves.”

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