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Customer Service Knowledge Management

Empower your workforce

When your customers get in contact, they’re looking for answers.

Your agents have to provide them.

If those answers are slow, inconsistent, or unhelpful, your CX will suffer.

You need a system that lets agents and customers access knowledge quickly and easily. A solution that can be viewed internally and externally, across any channel. A solution that can be updated as your knowledge grows. storm® CKS®: Knowledge Management brings your knowledge to a single, feature-rich platform, so customers get the answers they need when they need them.

How storm® CKS®: Knowledge Management helps businesses.

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Centralize your knowledge

Bring all your knowledge into a single platform. Articles are grouped into knowledge bases, controlled by variables. The creator of a knowledge base can add articles and decision trees for easy navigation. When changes are made, automatic notifications keep other authors up-to-date, to ensure consistency.

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Flexible knowledge trees

Guide your customers to the answers they need. Decision trees guide customers and agents through your knowledge bases, toward a resolution. This reduces agent training costs and allows customers to self-serve. Cut down on time spent searching.

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Internal and external interfaces

Tailor your knowledge to the needs of the customer. Control the articles available to customers and agents, to keep sensitive information secure. Through publications, you can easily control the articles available to different target audience

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Single-stack integration

storm CKS: Knowledge Management can be deployed standalone, or integrated into the full storm stack. Link with storm DTA® to give customers quick access to articles through Natural Language Processing and chatbots. Integrate with storm VIEW™ to get detailed insight into your customers’ needs. Discover which articles get the most attention, and which decision trees are most popular.

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