Customers expect to be able to rapidly make card payments across any channel, without any concern for the security of their card details. Card payments made over the phone are the number one channel for credit card fraud. It is therefore essential that the payment systems of all creditable organizations are PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) accredited, to ensure that customers’ card details are never at risk.

storm® LOCK™ and PADLOCK™

storm LOCK and PADLOCK ensure that customers can make secure payments, without the necessity of revealing their card details to an agent.

LOCK enables customers to quickly and easily make automated card payments through an IVR by entering their details securely into the keypad.

PADLOCK facilitates agent-assisted payments by masking the keypad tone of each number, and hiding the card details on the agent’s screen in the DTA. Customers can be assured of the safety of this method of payment, as their payment details are never heard by another person at any point, or passed into an environment where cardholder data is stored.

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storm’s payment functionality can be fully integrated into any existing billing system, allowing companies to upgrade the security of their payment processes, without the need for large capital expenditure or disruptive system overhauls.

storm also integrates with a number of leading secure Payment Service Providers (PSPs). This ensures that our customers have complete flexibility over the PSP they choose to use, and the functionality they have the capacity to access.

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Payment Services in Action

Northgate Public Services is a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) that delivers services to government agencies, local authorities and housing providers across the UK. They chose Content Guru’s cloud contact center solution to provide a range of services to its customers, including an automated PCI-DSS compliant payment system for services such as parking fines.

Northgate Public Services now securely processes thousands of pounds per week using storm.