The RAC is the UK’s second largest automotive services company, generating nearly £500 million in revenue and employing 4,000 people. It provides a range of vehicle and breakdown services to over 8.8 million corporate customers and private members, and its 1,600 patrols carry out 2.3 million breakdown rescues a year.

The scale of the RAC’s operations means that its contact centers face large levels of unpredictable demand from customers. These levels can be exacerbated by adverse weather conditions, which cause larger numbers of delays and accidents on the roads.

During peak times, the contact centers will receive huge volumes of enquiries for both emergency breakdown support as well as general maintenance. In these situations, the RAC’s previous premises based communication systems would struggle to scale on-demand to handle these contact volumes, leaving a finite pool of agents to handle as many enquiries as possible.

The unlimited capacity of storm® ensures that any simultaneous volume of
enquiries can be processed. This enables consistent service even during peaks in volume.

storm integrates with I/CAD to fully automate identification through CLI lookup. This then feeds back the repair status through a voice prompt, ensuring a rapid and accurate service.

storm pushes cancellations to I/CAD, and engineers receive a cancellation SMS. Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) enables callers to identify by Vehicle Registration Number (VRN).

With substantial numbers of enquiries already automated, the storm service is set to expand and automate all breakdown enquiries, freeing up yet more agents.

“Enabling critical repair services to be dispatched as soon as possible is absolutely essential to our business. But when severe disruptions occur, such as major weather incidents, our contact center becomes inundated with huge levels of traffic, and our skilled agents can be overwhelmed with handling callout requests rather than using their specialist knowledge. When customers were unable to get through to cancel requests, we also found that we would waste valuable resources on dispatching engineers who could be solving problems elsewhere. Through storm’s automated contact center features, more customers can get
through to the best available information without needing to talk to an agent, leaving more resource available for new bookings or complex enquiries.
At the same time, we can increase efficiency by enabling customers to cancel in real time, reducing our costs on wasted callouts.”

Project Manager, RAC