storm® CONTACT™ uses a cloud model to provide Fleurop Interflora with multi-channel intelligent Automated Contact Distribution (iACD®), delivering optimal customer engagement and connecting customers and florists to agents and information.

storm automatically scales to handle any volume of contact, allowing Fleurop Interflora to process any peaks in demand. Fleurop Interflora disposed of its on-premises PBX, while paying in affordable monthly installments for an improved service, rather than having to invest in new premises-based infrastructure.

Customer traffic and capacity has become fully transparent through real-time and historical reporting, increasing throughput such that 75% of online orders are now delivered within 4-5 hours.

storm® routes all florist interactions via a Priority Line, improving efficiency and eliminating wait time, separating these calls out from general consumer-originated traffic.

storm® works across any agent workstation and location at any time, enabling agents to log in from home or remote locations if necessary, and enabling full 24/7 working when required.

“As a global delivery network of florists and customers, communications are key to getting orders delivered accurately and punctually. With storm we’re delivering better access to customers and florists and improving efficiency in our contact center. Our Florist Priority Line, for example, connects florists to agents with accurate order information, while smart routing enables us to send many customers’ calls directly to the florists handling their orders. storm helps us deliver superior customer experience and improve operational performance – 75% of online orders are delivered same-day within 4 to 5 hours. We now have additional storm modules on our roadmap as we look to unify all our communications on a centralized storm Cloud Contact Center.”

ICT Manager, Fleurop Interflora