Intelligent Automation

Do you need to improve your contact center efficiency?

Are you looking to enhance your customer – and agent – experience through artificial intelligence?

Content Guru delivers intelligent automation through brain®, its artificial intelligence (AI) toolkit, which combines the communications capabilities of storm® with leading AI providers, including Google and IBM.

brain helps organizations deliver world-leading and personalized experiences through Machine Agent chat bots, image recognition capabilities, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) functionalities.

UK Power Networks

Automating 93% of processes with storm

Proactive automation of processes reduced the amount of demand on agents, meaning agents could focus on complex queries for customers who needed attention. This lead to 94% compliance with service levels and making UK Power Networks eligible for incentive bonuses.

“We were able to react quickly, and record a message about the situation so the IVR could communicate that message when the affected region called in. Customers were able to drop off the line as soon as they listened to the message as they had the information they needed. It’s incredible that we can manage these spikes so effectively.”
Contact Center Manager Service Delivery Manager, UK Power Networks

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