Today’s customers are growing increasingly accustomed to accessing the information they want, when they want it, wherever they are. However, the traditional contact center often struggles to meet customer expectations for an instantaneous, accurate response. Rapid advances in omni-channel and integration technologies, as well as the increasing convergence of information management and communication capabilities, are leading towards the next stage in the evolution of customer contact: the Customer Engagement Hub (CEH).

The New WWW Whitepaper

The New WWW – Whatever, Wherever, Whenever

The Customer Engagement Hub enables customers and companies to contact each other at any time, from anywhere, through any device. It converges traditionally distinct contact center and CRM infrastructure in a centralized cloud-based environment, whilst also connecting to relevant supporting technologies, such as WFO, AI and ERP, and facilitating communications across the wide range of digital channels available today, including video, WebRTC and social media.

Discover which factors are driving this evolution and the benefits of implementing the Customer Engagement Hub in our ‘The New WWW’ whitepaper.

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