Huisartsenpost (HAP) Zeeland is an out-of-hours GP replacement service in the South-West Netherlands, comprising a team of 110 physicians which delivers critical care and health consultancy to over 90,000 people. HAP responds to 55,000 inquiries per year and is responsible for delivering services across three cities. Spikes in contact demand during unpredictable times and the inability to view detailed contact information from its existing system meant that HAP was unable to scale to handle larger volumes of inquiries efficiently. HAP Zeeland needed a way to improve its communications capabilities and optimize patient accessibility.

storm® provides Management Information over all interactions and all consultant activities.

storm® automatically scales to handle any concurrent volume of demand.

Real-time and historical reporting capabilities.

“HAP Zeeland delivers critical out-of-hours healthcare support to over 90,000 people in the Zeeland province, which makes us the frontline care provider for over two-thirds of every week. In our sector, health issues can be completely unpredictable, so it is vitally important that our services are always available. But often large numbers of patients can make contact at the same time with a variety of problems. Our previous system had no way of prioritizing or predicting these spikes in demand, forcing critical patients to wait for the services they needed straight away, while our consultants were occupied with routine inquiries. storm uses intelligent contact routing to connect patients to the most appropriate resource for their inquiry, enabling us to talk to priority customers immediately. The service also delivers complete visibility over all communications, allowing us to continually enhance our services. HAP Zeeland is now a technological pioneer in our industry, blazing a trail for other care providers.”

Camiel Rentmeester, ICT Manager, HAP Zeeland.