storm® LINK

On-demand video communication

Today’s consumers want a high level of personalization.

Face-to-face communication is the best way to achieve this.

You need a solution that enables on-demand video calls. This should be fully secure and available without the need to install new software. Screen and file sharing should be enabled for a truly seamless experience.

storm® LINKTM makes personalized video calls a reality.

How storm LINK helps businesses.

  • LINK is used by HUC to help deliver NHS 111 and Out of Hours services that for over 3.5 million people in the East of England.

  • Through a single-use WebRTC link sent to the customer’s mobile or tablet device, interactions can switch seamlessly between voice and video, with screen and file sharing available.

  • Build greater rapport with customers and promote better First Call Resolution rates.

storm LINK Benefits

Total Security

Security is key for all communication channels. LINK uses end-to-end encryption to provide total compliance. Video and audio are recorded securely.

Fully Omnichannel

Video calls should seamlessly integrate with your existing contact center. LINK enables agents to switch between voice and video communication over the internet, and allows screen and file sharing at the touch of a button. All channels converge in a single, easy-to-use interface, storm DTA®.

Enhanced Agent Experience

Agent collaboration is key to high performance while using a distributed working model. LINK’s ad-hoc video, screen-sharing and file sharing capabilities allow staff to collaborate with ease.

On-demand Availability

Environments like Urgent Care leave no time for pre-arranged video calls. LINK can be launched at any time with no need for scheduling. Video calls are initiated through a single-use WebRTC link sent via SMS or email, with screen and file sharing at the touch of a button. There is no need to install additional applications for the agent or customer.

Adaptable and Flexible

Use LINK for all your video call needs, with real-time one-way and two-way video calling and multi-party conferencing. Adaptive video codec automatically adjusts to available bandwidth to ensure high quality interactions regardless of agent or customer signal strength.

The voice of the customer

Janice Greenhill, Chief Operating Officer at HUC

“With UK lockdown measures in place and growing fears over the risks of face-to-face consultations, our over-the-phone urgent care services were busier than ever. We needed a way to make video consultations a realistic option for our services, thereby minimizing in person contact while ensuring patients can be assessed properly.

“Having worked with Content Guru and used their storm platform for 5 years, we were confident they would be able to provide us with a solution. The team worked quickly to roll out video consultations for our clinicians, an easy-to-use application which is now utilized by our teams.”

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