The Public Sector Show 2022

Public Sector Show 2022

This year's Public Sector Show brought together commercial leaders, decision-makers and innovators from across the breadth of the public sector to showcase how different organisations are improving public service delivery, efficiency and value for money.

The Content Guru team had an energising and productive day engaging with public sector leaders and decision-makers, showcasing the storm platform's capabilities and the many ways it can drive more efficient, more valuable, and more purposeful citizen outcomes.

Social Value in the Contact Centre: Uniting Employee and Citizen Engagement

Did you catch Martin Taylor's speaker session on the connection between employee and citizen engagement? Refresh your memory or catch up on what you missed by downloading the slides.

By now, everyone is aware of the looming Great Resignation. In the wake of COVID-19, record numbers of employees are rethinking their careers, and are more conscious than ever of the true value that their career gives to them and to society. Contact centres are already at a disadvantage, suffering from levels of turnover high above the UK average.

Find out the key reasons for this, as well as how to combat the Great Resignation by uniting employee and citizen engagement, by downloading the slides:

Discover Public Sector Solutions

Today, communication is easier than ever. Your citizens expect instant contact, at any time, from anywhere. They expect experiences tailored to their needs every time they get in touch.

storm transforms your citizen experience with data. With thousands of custom and off-the-shelf integrations, storm links seamlessly to your existing databases. Bring all customer data onto a single pane of glass, and empower your agents to deliver personalized citizen experiences. Let your citizens self-serve with Machine Agents that automate contacts, whilst keeping the human touch.

Let storm deliver tailored citizen experiences, every time.

Public Sector services in action

NEC Software Services

“Councils require us to deliver a wide range of cutting-edge technology within a very tight budget and timescale. Thanks to storm’s modular, pay-as you-go approach, we are able to deliver market leading technologies to organizations on a timescale to suit all budgets, while the new service builder helps us to deliver projects at an unrivalled speed.

“With each new successful deployment, we find a new use for storm, and as Content Guru adapts to stay ahead of the market we’re excited to see what the future holds both for Content Guru and for NPS."

- Head of Customer Services and Service Management at NEC Software Services