The 2nd Annual Healthcare Innovation and Technology Show

Healthcare Meets Technology

This year's Healthcare Innovation and Technology show brought together experts and practitioners from NHS Trusts, Foundation Trusts, CCGs, ICS services, national bodies, Government and academia to address the challenges facing the sector in these unprecedented times.

The Content Guru team had an energising and productive day engaging with healthcare experts, showcasing the storm platform's capabilities and the many ways it can drive more efficient, more valuable, and more purposeful patient outcomes.

The Single Virtual Contact Centre: Powering NHS Communications

Did you catch Martin Taylor's speaker session on the Single Virtual Contact Centre? Refresh your memory or catch up on what you missed by downloading the slides.

In order to ‘level up’ its service capability nationally, and eliminate local disparities in technology provision, NHS England (NHSE) has procured a ground-breaking storm® cloud-based solution as its new Single Virtual Contact Centre (SVCC) – in the process creating the first ever national contact handling platform for NHS 111. SVCC was developed as a partnership between cloud customer engagement leader Content Guru, and managed-services specialist Wavenet, and builds on experience and techniques pioneered with leading NHS 111 providers and commissioners over the past six years. SVCC’s cutting-edge technology includes features developed during the multi-award-winning Patient Relationship Management programme in London, and the HUC cloud contact centre solution that set new standards in the East of England.

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With an aging population placing more strain on healthcare systems, reliable communications are vital. Customers shouldn’t have to wait in long queues when they could self-serve. They shouldn’t have to repeat their symptoms for every agent they speak to. The storm Patient Relationship Management draws together patient records from your entire care system to give every agent a 360-degree view of the patient. The future of healthcare is integrated.

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NHS 111

storm delivers an amazing set of capabilities, which have transformed the way NHS 111 operates in London. We’re really excited to implement further capabilities through storm as we go forward, and the solution will be instrumental in realizing our digitalization objectives. Most importantly, however, is that we’re able to substantially improve the experience of Londoners calling NHS 111 and the outcomes of our patients, ensuring that they get through to the care and support they need, when they need it, first time.”

- Head of Service Redesign & Innovation (Integrated Urgent Care) at NHS London SHA