storm® Machine Agent™

Your customers want instant, 24/7 service

Your agents can’t always provide this.

storm® Machine Agent™ automates simple inquiries, letting your agents focus on the customers that need them most.

Automate self-service to give instant answers. Reliably process text and speech with Natural Language Processing (NLP). Sort interactions by content and sentiment to maintain quality, and keep customer trust. Future-proof your contact center.

How storm Machine Agent helps businesses

A major government organization uses storm Machine Agent to automate voice contacts. With 100% of calls analyzed by NLP, 90% of a specific inquiry type could be fully automated.

storm Machine Agent allows NHS 111 to meet huge surges in demand. storm Machine Agent allows NHS 111 to divert less urgent cases to services local to the caller, freeing them up to prioritize more vulnerable patients.

King’s College London used storm Machine Agent to meet soaring demand in exam season. Inquiries were automatically routed to the correct service, reducing unanswered calls to less than 0.7%.

Intelligent automation

Enhance, don’t replace

Simple inquiries waste agent time. storm Machine Agent works with your agents to create the best customer experience. Free agents from repetitive tasks. Automatically route to the best available agent. Focus their skills on the most crucial inquiries, boosting both customer and agent experience.

Scalable self-service

Customers expect quality service, always. At peak times, storm Machine Agent gives instant answers whilst keeping a personal touch. Easily scale to meet demand with reliable self-service over any channel.

Powerful Language Processing

Automation should not cost the personal touch. NLP lets storm Machine Agent understand language as a human would. Whether through text or speech, customers speak with Machine Agents as if they were human. Scale up your services without losing quality.

Quality and Compliance

Move beyond random sampling. storm Machine Agent reviews the quality of every inquiry. Ensure that every interaction meets regulator standards, across every channel. Use text-to-speech to flag at-risk recordings, focusing you on areas of concern.

Image-based interactions

An image can give insight into customer concerns. With storm Machine Agent, you can reliably identify image content. Customers can then be routed to self-service or the best available agent. Make image-based interactions a central part of your virtual call center.

Don't just take our word for it...

Project Manager at King’s College London

“In 2014, storm helped us to better meet this challenge. Its effectively unlimited capacity for contact handling, with vast numbers of simultaneous inquiries queued in the cloud, enabled us to automatically scale up our contact centre’s capacity and address the excess traffic.”

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