Contact Center World 2023 Berlin

Contact Center World 2023 is here

One of Europe's longest-standing events, CCW Berlin hosts over 40 speaker sessions exploring expert insights from various professionals within the contact center industry. Touching on various topics such as AI, customer expectations and future-proofing your CX estate, it provides a valuable opportunity for both industry insights and networking opportunities.

With thousands of Europe’s most proactive customer experience and engagement professionals descending on the Estrel Congress Center, all hungry to find the tips, techniques, innovations and strategies they need to transform themselves, and their companies, into the biggest names within their respective fields be sure to book a demo with Content Guru to discover how we can transform your CX estate today!

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Are you ready for Total Experience?

The contact centre landscape is evolving. Businesses must look towards total experience instead of focusing solely on customer experience. Developing great customer experience is imperative in sustaining a competitive advantage and deriving value above that of competitors. Nevertheless, failure to invest in your employees responsible for delivering the value to your customers can be detrimental to your bottom line. So, how can businesses address the disparate focus on customer and employee experience within contact centres? Find the answer in our innovative speeches detailed below.

Value Centre - More Than Just Customer Service

Don't miss the innovation presentations from our future specialists

On the international stage: The Contact Centre Evolution: CX+EX = TX

Bringing together the Customer and Employee Experience to create the Total Experience. Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO of Content Guru, explains how to transform your contact centre into a value centre, harnessing the power of new technologies to create the best employee experience and improve customer satisfaction.

German Messeforum: Contact centres existed yesterday - today there are value centres

Sustainability is not just about protecting nature. Sustainability also plays a decisive role in the design of a company. How the NEOECOLOGY megatrend is fundamentally changing corporate philosophies and creating an employee experience will be explained to you.

Barbara Caspers-Zarini, general manager at Content Guru.

German Messeforum: YOLO - Smombie - Runs with you!

Tomorrow's target group makes the digital world the way they like it. Today, it is no longer enough to simply be reachable. The world of digitalisation and global community is knocking on the door of all contact centres. How a contact centre becomes a true value centre through the era of hyper-networking and digitalisation is shown to you by

Andreas Mayr, Senior Business Development Manager at Content Guru.