Many modern day citizens use online channels as their preferred mode of communication. Technology has transformed all aspects of life and can now be used to aid almost everything we do. It is becoming an increasing expectation of tenants that if material items can be purchased online with a simple click, purchasing services should be an equally easy and seamless experience. However, with a shortage of funding and increasing regulations in the housing sector, making these changes isn’t as easy as it seems for housing associations. Instead, they are under increasing pressure to achieve a balance between pleasing tenants and maintaining budgets.

Housing associations must be able to adapt and become flexible in their communications approach in order to successfully engage with tenants. This is applicable for every stage of the tenant journey, including the initial housing of citizens. Today, citizens often require quick, easy solutions to fit in with their busy lifestyles or to avoid the need to travel long distances when choosing accommodation. However, they still require a personal touch, where they can be adequately informed. This causes a dilemma for many housing associations, who equally do not have hours of free time to spend unnecessarily.

Through utilising channels such as web chat and social platforms housing associations can show tenants around the properties in the virtual world. House viewing can be done from any location and agents will no longer waste valuable time on no-show appointments. Multiple house viewings can take place in the time it would traditionally take to show one citizen around one property. Questions can be answered in real time, whilst the citizen watches a pre-recorded video or are given a virtual tour in real time. This technology ensures that housing associations can meet the growing demand for properties, and allows them to provide citizens with the level of service they expect from any other sector in the modern world.

February 4, 2019
Category: News