The mobility of modern society provides opportunities and desires for citizens to move more regularly than in the past, not only to different cities but also different countries. The job market now expects people to move for work more frequently and tenants must relocate at a moment’s notice. In addition to this, many tenants are requested to move properties from housing associations, for instance if a property needs renovations.

When long-term rental tenants face the difficulty of needing to swap houses, housing associations must be prepared to aid their tenants as and when those tenants need it. Moving properties can be a long process, in the social housing sector particularly, and tenants require support from their housing association in order to make the move as seamless as possible over this time.

To fully support tenants at this time, housing associations must ensure that they have a single point of contact, enabling them to reach somebody who understands their specific situation and can proactively ensure that the tenant is updated on any new information regarding their property swap. To provide tenants with the necessary level of care during this time, housing associations can implement preferential routing rules to prioritise tenant contact and automate proactive contact with those tenants who are in the process of moving properties to offer extra guidance or broadcast updates. These minor changes to contact centre infrastructure can have a massive impact on the tenant, agent, and the amount of stress associated with relocation.


January 10, 2019
Category: News