The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has awarded both Redwood Technologies and Content Guru places on the G-Cloud 9 framework agreement for the supply of cloud-based software to the Public Sector.

G-Cloud is a government initiative to support the growth in procurement of cloud and other services in the Public Sector, as they provide a flexible, agile and cost-effective modernisation solution. The initiative is primarily concerned with the central and local provision of cloud services, creating a supplier network of infrastructure, software and support solutions. The Redwood Technologies Group secured their place on the G-Cloud 9 agreement by meeting a range of inclusion criteria. This included proof of suitability for use in government projects, and the provision of a full list of capabilities and pricing to secure a place in the agreement. The Redwood Technologies Group has been providing G-Cloud related services since the inception of G-Cloud in 2012, and already has a strong presence in local and central government and the wider public sector worldwide, making it an ideal supplier for the G-Cloud 9 agreement.

Read the full story on the Redwood Technologies website.

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May 22, 2017
Category: News