UK cloud specialists Content Guru and Dutch telco giant KPN have signed a partnership to deliver cloud-based communications services in the Benelux region. The equal revenue split partnership will launch with Cloud Contact Centre run on the storm® platform.

With a market cap of €9.9 billion and turnover of €13.163 billion for 2011, KPN is one of the largest communication service providers in the world, making a net profit of €1.546 billion last year. The alliance will leverage KPN’s incumbent status in Holland to provide a broad base of addressable customers for the new storm service.

“For decades, the Communications Service Provider business model has centred on core voice and data services,” noted a recent report by Gartner (Agenda for Enterprise Communications Markets, 2012. Gartner; 28 February, 2012. Daniel O'Connell & Gregor Petri). “Voice revenues are now decreasing by 5% to 10% per year, while traditional data revenues are flat at best. These trends are expected to persist for the next five years.”

As voice and data markets become increasingly commoditised, storm will help KPN transform from a ‘carrier’ into a ‘communications service provider’. Built using Redwood technology, the new deployment of storm will be made available to the full spectrum of organisations that KPN sells to, from large enterprises to small start-ups, across a range of vertical sectors.

Sean Taylor, Managing Director of Content Guru, comments, “In our dealings with customers over the last six years, we have frequently encountered and overcome the typical challenges which organisations encounter as they explore migration to the cloud. We are greatly looking forward to capitalising on this experience as we partner with KPN. It’s a hugely important relationship for us. They are one of the biggest telcos in the world, and will offer us a fantastic channel to market. They seem hungry to explore the opportunity that cloud represents and they understand the value of our expertise and experience. KPN is embracing the new cloud partnership paradigm, which represents a huge cultural and operational shift from the traditional vendor-carrier model.”

“I have personally worked with KPN for over 20 years, and I have great confidence in them as an organisation. We were early into cloud, and have enjoyed strong growth in the initial phase of the market. With KPN as our partners, we are well positioned to take advantage of the commercial opportunities cloud has to offer as mainstream adoption progresses.”

“The next 5-10 years will be crucial as business and IT leaders develop a fuller understanding of cloud and what it can do for their organisations. Enterprises will benefit from more efficient and consistent management processes by being able to automate and manage all different channels of communication under one roof, and consumers will enjoy a more personalised, faster customer experience.”

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July 19, 2012
Category: News