It's not every day that the Prime Minister invites you to breakfast. But for Sean Taylor, Director of Content Guru, the invitation to step through the world's most famous front door came as part of a Government consultation programme through the Confederation of British Industry.

Sean was among a select group of business people who met with the Prime Minister of the day, Gordon Brown, at Downing Street in May 2009. The invitation was to a round table discussion, at which the PM could "hear from energetic businesses their views and ideas about the current business environment."

A group of decision-makers from a variety of industry sectors attended the gathering at Number 10. They took the opportunity to voice their concerns and ideas about the future of enterprise in the UK and the role of government. Inevitably, the economy was high on the agenda, with a wide-ranging discussion on ways to accelerate the recovery from recession.

Key issues arising included access to capital finance, regulation and employment law, levelling the playing field when bidding for public sector contracts and the perennial question of corporate taxation.

"It was an interesting glimpse into the inner workings of government," said Sean Taylor, "and a rare chance to express a view about the state of things directly to the man responsible. I was struck by the consistency of the views being expressed from a broad diversity of industries.

"Time will tell whether or not our ideas will make any difference to government policy, but at least we had the opportunity to get our views across. In fairness, however, Mr Brown's thoughts may well have been more focused on other issues..."

May 26, 2010
Category: News