Content Guru at work for charities and voluntary organisations

You have many different kinds of relationships with your supporters. Some are highly active, making regular donations and raising funds, while others simply give when the impulse strikes, or when a particular emergency prompts them to help. Your challenge is to make it easy for everyone who deals with you to do their bit, no matter how they choose to connect with you.

Closer engagement through convergence

Content Guru can help. It brings together today’s diverse channels of communication – everything from email and text messaging, to Twitter, Facebook and traditional telephone calls – to help you create a fresh dimension of personal involvement with your supporters and workers.

Build loyal virtual communities

People who are used to communicating on the move, or online, feel empowered by the virtual communities that they join and they expect the same kind of engagement with the organisations they choose to support. This expectation creates an exciting opportunity for charities to build new kinds relationships with the people that represent the lifeblood of their activities.

Lower costs, easier giving

Content Guru allows you to introduce completely new ways of communicating with your supporters and your workers, as well as a host of other services that will help you to instil a closer sense of involvement for every individual. It can save you money, freeing cash to be used where it is needed most, and it can make it quick and easy for people to give whenever they are moved to do so.

Key benefits for charities and voluntary organisations

  • When disasters such as the Haiti earthquake or the tsunami of 2004 strike, people who are rarely moved to give may want to make quick donations without formally registering as supporters. Content Guru ‘s simple, secure automated payment system can process large numbers of small donations, keeping many more lines free to allow more people to get through.
  • Content Guru ’s ability to automate many routine processes can help to drive down costs, freeing more funds to support the work of the charity.
  • You can communicate with each one of your supporters on their own terms, via the channel that suits them as individuals. You have more chance of getting your message through, and your service is more personalised.
  • Content Guru services for contact centres can boost productivity and efficiency, as well as reducing costs, easing pressure on agents and improving the caller’s experience.
  • You can make advanced mobile services a key element of your actvities; supporters can receive updates direct to smart phones and calls for emergency donations can reach a wider audience more quickly.
  • You can use Content Guru services to deliver more engaging and compelling messages. Our Video-to-Mobile capability can send motivational movies to mobiles showing the successful work that your organisation is doing. These can be shared easily between devices, helping existing supporters to win new people to the cause.
  • Content Guru services are hosted, so you do not have to invest capital in purchasing them. You simply pay a hosting and management fee, making it easy to budget and helping you to get maximum value from your available funds.
  • You have complete control over your Content Guru services, through a familiar web-based interface that is easy to use. You can set up a campaign and measure its effectiveness from your desktop, or even from a laptop on the move.