storm® PBX:
Unified communications as a service

The problem

You’re operating in a 21st century marketplace, but your company’s PBX looks like it’s from the dark ages. Your business needs are changing, and you require more phones, more lines, and more intelligent features from your telecommunications system.

Programming your PBX to manage your users, phone lines and call routing is time-consuming and cumbersome, and you’re stuck with an inflexible system that lacks advanced features. But with ISDN line rental and the cost of calls, your operational costs are already high, so the price of replacing your on-site equipment with a market-leading system is prohibitive.

PBX call history handling through the DTA® agent interface

The storm solution

storm PBX gives you a unified telephony estate in the cloud. No boxes, no switches. Instead of designing your business around the limitations of your infrastructure, storm PBX flexes with the requirements of your business.

Workers on the road or at home can use the same number wherever they are. You can manage the service yourself from any location. You no longer have to worry about sourcing new systems for different branches at different times and trying to make them interoperate. storm PBX gives you all the features and functionality you need to work effectively, with the freedom to add and remove licenses as your needs change.

Business impact

  • Minimal capital expenditure and manageable monthly hosting fees.
  • Cut out the costs of supporting & maintaining on-premise equipment, and make free calls between connected sites.
  • Pay for what you use; bolt on additional capacity and new features as required.
  • True business agility; let workers move around according to requirements while keeping the same numbers.
  • Built-in disaster recovery routing gives you complete business continuity.
  • Easy-to-use configuration tools and centralised reporting make it faster and simpler to manage the service.

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