By Sam Grant

Supplier communication is a leading differentiator in car rental customer satisfaction.

Today, the customer has the power, and the companies that fall behind will be left behind. With the demand for automated contact and self-service options so prevalent, customers no longer expect to wait for great service.

In the car rental market, efficiency is key. Whether a customer arranges a booking online, over the phone or simply drops into the branch, they will not want to be kept waiting. One of the biggest customer service challenges is the length of time it takes to complete a transaction. Due to the liability involved, certain aspects of the service cannot be rushed or skipped, so how can organisations save time and avoid a back-log of frustrated customers?

Using a combination of live agents and automation can be an effective way to engage customers and drive down transaction times. This technology is already being used in many sectors including retail, travel and hospitality, where pre-populated data is at the disposal of the agent, giving personalised contact and lowering handling times.

By effectively implementing automation with the omni-channel storm® platform, Content Guru helps retail companies to deliver a streamlined customer journey. storm users can schedule automated messages across any channel, including voice, SMS, email and social media, to obtain relevant information from a new customer as part of the booking process. Messages can be customised to provide personalised information through the customer’s preferred channel as quickly as possible.

Using this pre-populated data condenses transaction process times, and enables relevant background checks to be carried out in advance, saving time and speeding up the customer experience in branch. Agents are freed up to reduce the back-log of customer interactions, focus on up-selling and give a more personalised service, ensuring complete end-to-end customer satisfaction.

If you would like to find out more about how storm improves efficiency and transforms customer communications in the retail sector, contact me at or call me on 07393 148007.


August 10, 2018
Category: News