Content Guru made a splash in the channel last year when it entered the market with its reseller offering, NGware. Since first showcasing the product at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium in July 2012, NGware has continued to generate interest across the market, with some of the channel’s key players getting on board.

Underpinning the success of Content Guru’s platform, argues Commercial Director, John Rees, is the years of technical know-how and enterprise experience that the business brings to the table.

“When we embarked upon building our proposition for the channel, we were in the unique position of having access to tried-and-tested technology and a well-established partnership model from our work on the storm platform,” Rees explains. “Cloud is a learning process and getting it right takes time. Our position as early adopters and our experience of catering to large enterprises with storm meant that when we built NGware we already had more than 6 years of experience in delivering cloud-based solutions.”

“With NGware, we made a conscious decision not to water down any of the functionality that we had developed for our enterprise customers.”

This, Rees explains, is part of the company’s philosophy for the channel: “We don’t believe in simply giving our customers a rigid set of limited features to sell on. That simply leads to a commoditised market and squeezes the margin that our customers can make on what they are selling.”

“We believe in working with our customers in a collaborative partnership model. We don’t provide a finished product, but rather a powerful set of building blocks. We then work with the partner to help them package the features of the platform in a way that suits them, their strategy and their customers. This is all designed to support our customers as much as possible, and help them build their own offerings that will help them really stand out in the marketplace and win, valuable, long-term, sticky relationships.”

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July 16, 2013
Category: News